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July 16, 2010


Love love LOVE! :-) Congrats on the new camera!

Congrats. Mats are fab cameras. Have lots of fun.

Congratulations on the new camera (and job!)

These pictures are great... I love the lighting.

What a great camera for all-around medium format shooting. I used one back in the 1970s when I was much younger and now have three of them (two 124Gs and one 124)sitting in my closet. Enjoy!

Medium format is hands down my favourite format. I have three rolls in the refrigerator waiting to be developed. It's like Christmas every time I pick up my negatives.

Enjoy the Yashica. It's a wonderful camera.

Claire, I LOVE THESE. Oh my word. I would love to get together with you some time and do work with our Yashicas-- that top one is so bloody great. How did you get the exposure so perfect?

By the way that 'how did you get the exposure so perfect' question wasn't rhetorical. I really want to know!

Thank you everyone! I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Congratulations on the job, Claire! And on the camera! And gorgeous photos above.

I've always wanted to get a really good sparkler shot but never could. Think it's the camera that makes the sparklers look so sparkly and great? Maybe next 4th, once we're in Columbus, I can hire you to take some shots of BK with some sparklers. Sounds weird, but I've always wanted that sort of shot of him.

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